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Jitterbug Cell Phone Review - Jitterbug Cell Phone for Seniors

If ever there was a cell phone designed specifically for seniors, it's the Jitterbug Cell Phone. Not only does it the Jitterbug Cell Phone have great reviews by seniors, it is loaded with great emergency features as well as large displays and buttons for those of us with diminished eyesight and not-so functional fingers. The Jitterbug Cell Phone also has a rubber strip around the ear piece that helps block-out back-ground noises for those of us seniors that have less-than-perfect hearing. It's even hearing aid compatible.

The senior-oriented feature list of the Jitterbug Cell Phone is extensive - even though the phone is almost as easy to use as your home phone. In fact, I think the user's manual is only about 40 pages long. The last cell phone I bought, the user's manual came on a DVD and was almost 1000 pages. Needless to say, I still don't know how to use most of my other phone's features.

But Jitterbug is different. The Jitterbug cell phone, designed with worldwide cell phone leader Samsung, is easy to see and easy to hear. They offer live 24/7 customer service based right here in the USA for no additional fee. Just dial “0” on your Jitterbug and you'll reach a friendly operator - without pressing "1" for this and "4" for that (which I can't tolerate!). The operators will even greet you by name on every call, add your friends names and numbers to your Phone Book for you and even add appointments to your personal calendar so reminders appear right on your phone. Now that's great service!

  • The Jitterbug comes ready to use right out of the box - no programming!
  • Affordable plans start at just $14.99 a month
  • No contracts, no cancellation fees - you have to buy the phone so it makes it easy.
  • Large keypad makes dialing easy
  • Powerful speaker delivers clear sound
  • Friendly 30–Day Return Policy
  • Services that are easy to set up and easy to use.

I've worked with numerous seniors that have the Jitterbug Phone. If you're not familiar with this cell phone, this page will tell you a little bit about it. I've helped a few people buy a Jitterbug Phone, so I'm pretty familiar with the phone and the features and benefits of this phone. Let me just tell you a little about the benefits.

Jitterbug Phone, a cell phone for seniors.


The Benefits of the Jitterbug Phone:

Benefit #1 - The Jitterbug Phone is easy to use. You cannot be intimidated with this phone. If you have ever seen the Andy Griffith Show, you remember how Aunt Bee used call Andy. She would pick-up the phone, Mabel the operator would answer it and then Aunt Bee would say "Mabel, get me Andy down at the Police Station." And then Mabel would patch her through to the police station. (Some of us may even remember making phone calls ourselves this way.) The Jitterbug Phone can work the same way. If you can open the phone and press "0", then you can use the Jitterbug Phone. The operators answer the phone directly - you will not hear "push 1 for sales, 2 for customer service, etc...". A live person will answer the phone immediately. Of course, you can still call anyone you want with the number pad, just like you would on today's regular phone.

Benefit #2 - The Jitterbug Phone is designed for seniors, not for teenage girls who were born with a computer for a brain. It has a few features designed for those of us that don't have perfect vision or perfect hearing. It was designed for use with hearing aides. It allows extra room for those with hearing aides in their ears. The rubber strip around the ear-piece was designed to help block-out background noise. The buttons are huge compared to other phones - so you can dial the phone easily. The screen displays very large numbers - so you can see what number is calling you, and what number you're about to dial.

Benefit #3 - The Jitterbug Phone is more like a normal phone and less like a cell phone. A land-line phone has a dial tone when you pick it up. So does the Jitterbug Phone. Again, when you press "0", you get an operator. There is no button labeled "send" or "end". You dial the number, and the phone asks you if you want to call that person. You select "yes" or "no". Easy.

Benefit #4 - The Jitterbug Phone Calling Plans are simple too. You will not get locked into a long-term contract - that's right, you can cancel the plan at anytime. Also - if you think you're not using as many minutes as you're paying for, even their roll-over minutes, you just hit "0" on your phone and the operator can make adjustments to your plan right there. No special phone numbers or websites to try to find, no pushy sales people at the cell phone store. Again, simple.

Benefit #5 - The Jitterbug Phone has some great emergency features. The operators are trained to handle emergencies. You can almost use the Jitterbug Phone as a "medical alert". If you get into an emergency - let's say you fall in the bathroom and injure yourself. If you have your Jitterbug Phone with you, you just hit the "0" button and the operator can assist you. I can't under-estimate how important this feature is. If you had another cell phone, pressing "0" will usually get a machine ("press 1 for this, 2 for that, etc..."). If you are in a crisis, you will want the quickest, easiest way to get help.

Benefit #6 - The Jitterbug Phone has, for I believe an extra $4 per month, a nursing hotline. You won't have to wait a day or two for your doctor to call you back to answer your simple questions anymore. The Jitterbug Phone nurses can help you with a wide variety of medical questions.

Benefit #7 - The Jitterbug Phone is ready to use when you get it - right out of the box. Jitterbug will program the phone for you and will even enter several of your favorite phone numbers into the Jitterbug Phone's phone book. This also gives the Jitterbug operators your list of people to call when you call the operator. So if you forgot your glasses and can't see the display, you can simply hit the "0" button and ask the operator to "call my daughter", or "call TJ" and the operator will connect you.

Benefit #8 - You can buy the Jitterbug Cell Phone directly from the manufacturer, Jitterbug. (CLICK HERE to go to their website). If you are looking to buy the Jitterbug Cell Phone from one of those magazine ads from firstSTREET, or from another website, don't. Go right to the company that makes and services the phone. Any other company will not be able to give you the customer service that Jitterbug can give you. Also, you may end-up buying a phone that does not work when it arrives. You would then need to call Jitterbug anyways to activate the phone for you. Again, if you want to buy one of these great phones, only buy it from Jitterbug. Also, I don't think the phone is available in many stores, so you may need to buy it online.

Benefit #9 - The Jitterbug Cell Phone's user manual is only 40 pages long. Enough said.

Now, you need to be aware that the Jitterbug Cell Phone is really designed to be an emergency phone that allows you to make a few calls every month - you know the "I'm at the doctor's office, can you come pick me up?" type calls. It is not intended for the 2-hour-long "How's the weather where you are?" calls. If you plan on talking less than 50 minutes per month, they have a $14.99 per month plan that includes the emergency service. If you want to spend over 1000 minutes per month or more on your Jitterbug, be prepared to spend over $80 per month.

Why? The Jitterbug Cell Phone is designed as an emergency phone. In designing it, they needed to make sure the phone gets good reception in as many places as possible. To do this, they don't contract their cell service with just one phone company - like Sprint, or Verizon. They contract their service through MOST of the providers - including Verizon, which they could do since it's classified as a phone for emergencies. The good news is the Jitterbug Phone's cell phone service coverage is probably the best you can get. The bad news is, if you want to have long conversations with someone, you are basically paying multiple carriers for that phone call. This is also why you won't find the Jitterbug Phone at any of the cell phone stores, like AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.

So, if you want to use a cell phone for lengthy social conversations, the Jitterbug Cell Phone may be too expensive for you. Instead, get a cell phone with one of those $79.95 per month unlimited minutes plans. If you need an emergency phone with an hour or two of talk time per month, that's easy to use, easy to see, easy to hear and reliable - get a Jitterbug Cell Phone.

CLICK HERE to go to the Jitterbug Cell Phone Website.

Below are a few videos about the Jitterbug Phone.





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