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About Golden Technologies:

I had the pleasure of meeting with a few of the Golden Technology reps a few years ago. I could not have been more impressed with this group. This company is all about quality. They were showing me the quality of their lift chairs and how the frame was made of ash wood and how they dove-tailed the joints together - then re-enforced them with steel brackets. (I have chairs that are made of pine with plastic corners and staples holding the frame together.) They went on and on with 20-some-odd points of extra effort they went through to prove to me - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that this was a quality chair. You can't make a wrong choice if you choose a Golden Technologies product.

They have four main prodcut lines - Lift Chairs, Scooters, Electric Wheelchairs and Adjustable Beds. I've never seen one of their adjustable beds, but if they're made half as well as their lift chairs, then I would recommend them. I have given their scooter a test drive. It's very well built even for it's small size. By the way, the small size was perfect for getting around in the house - which is what they had intended.

I aslo like the fact that they make everything right here in the USA.

You can't buy directly fom Golden Tech, but you can buy their products from these senior-friendly websites:

Emerald Medical

US Medical

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Proud To Be An American Manufacturer (from the Golden Technologies Website)

Golden Technologies is proud to be a true American manufacturer of lift chairs. Our headquarters in Old Forge, Pa., (the exterior shown below) is the largest facility in the world dedicated solely to the manufacture of lift chairs. The pictures displayed to the left show our actual manufacturing process. Our other product lines -- scooters, power wheelchairs and beds -- are assembled in our Mobility Operations facility in nearby Kingston, Pa., all by Golden Technologies' employees. We are proud to provide jobs for more than 200 local residents, contributing to the strength of the region's economy.

The history of Golden Technologies is a story that defines the American dream. Founded in 1985 by Robert Golden, Sr., and Fred Kiwak, Golden Technologies was founded on the pledge to "build it right the first time," a motto that still holds true today. In fact, that promise is proudly displayed on a banner hanging above our lift chair manufacturing floor, reminding our employees every day of the commitment we have to our customers. As a family-owned, family-operated company, Golden Technologies is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products in the durable medical equipment industry.

Golden and Kiwak began manufacturing lift chairs in a one-car garage in West Pittston, Pa., a small town where families worked hard to survive as the Pennsylvania coal mining era was ending. The pair partnered with some of the finest craftsmen in the region and worked together to design and build lift chairs that would withstand years of use. As their reputation for quality spread, the business grew, and quickly became a family operation, employing several members of the Golden and Kiwak families. Golden's son, Richard, was one of the company's first employees. He was named CEO in 1991, a position he continues to hold today. Although Robert Golden has since retired from the day to day activities, he continues to serve as Chairman of the Board. Kiwak continues to be actively involved as our Vice President of Research and Development.

The Golden Technologies' leadership team was not satsified being the best in the lift chair industry and soon began to expand into other areas of the home healthcare business. In 1992 we entered the luxury adjustable bed market. Our luxury adjustable beds have a reputation for being a high quality, reliable product that offers our customers the ability to experience a better night's sleep through the multiple sleep positions available from an adjustable bed.


Golden expanded into the personal scooter business in 1996. Today, we offer several models of scooters serving a wide range of needs, from the portability of the Buzzaround Lite and Liteway scooters; to the luxurious appointments of the Companion models; and the outdoor, heavy duty Avenger four-wheel scooter with a 500 lb. weight capacity.

In 2003 Golden Technologies was awarded the U.S. Veteran's Administration contract to supply our Companion scooters to all U.S. Veterans through Veterans Administration Medical Centers throughout the nation. We are very proud that the quality and durability of the Companion scooters, and our dedication to this program, has enabled us to renew this contract with the U.S. Veteran's Administration every year since.

Our expansion into the power wheelchair business was the latest step in offering a line of products to help those with varying levels of disabilities. Since 2005, Our Golden Compass series of power wheelchairs provides the manueverability and stability of true center-wheel drive performance of the Compass and the new Compass Heavy Duty model. We are proud to now offer tilt seating for individuals who require a rehab seating system to tilt and relieve pressure from their muscles and joints with the Compass TRO model. In addition, we offer two reliable, proven rear-wheel drive power chairs with the Alante Jr. and Alante models.

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Below are some links to sites that help sponsor These companies have been reviewed by me and I think they offer a geat service for helping you save money by staying out of the nursing homes. If you have any issues with these companies, please email me and I'll remove them from this site. - TJ -

US Medical is one of my favorite and most trusted websites for large-ticket items like bath lifts, lift chairs, stair lifts and scooters. They are a well-run organization that concentrates on low prices and good service. Click on the link below to learn more about US Medical...

Where US Medical is the place to go for the larger-ticket items, Dr. Leonard's is one of the best websites for those low-priced everyday helpful items that make a big difference in a senior's life. Take a few minutes to browse around on their site. They have tons of innovative items at very reasonble prices. Also, a special thank you to Dr. Leonard's for allowing me to offer visitors FREE SHIPPING when you click on the link below...

Dr. Leonard's Free Shipping