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Bath Lifts for Bathtubs:

I've sold a ton of bath lifts in my day. They are one of the greatest, and most affordable products an aging senior can buy. Why? Think about this - who wants their 50 year-old child to give them a bath? It's embarrassing. So most seniors will stop taking baths and only take showers. The irony is a bath is usually very good for the very reason they can't get into the bath tub. For example, if arthritis is the reason you can't get in or out of a bath tub, wouldn't a nice soak in a tub help the arthritis?

For roughly $600, you can buy a device called a bath lift that fits into most normal bath tubs and helps you in an out of the tub. It's a much cheaper alternative to installing a walk-in tub and it's considerably less than spending $4000 per month paying for a nursing home.

A bath lift works like a mini elevator. You sit on the edge of the tub, slide across on to the seat. Lift your legs into the tub, then push a button and the bath lift chair slowly lowers you into the nice warm water. When you've finished taking your bath, the bath lift has a powerful, yet completely waterproof motor that raises the bath lift chair back to the height of the bath tub walls. You then pull your legs out of the tub and over the sides, then stand up - just like standing up from a chair at the kitchen table.

Below is a video that demonstrates how easy a bath lift is to install, how a bath lift works, and a few of the safety features. Just hit the play button:

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If this video doesn't load, you can view it HERE.

The bath lift in this video is called the Neptune Bath Lift and this video was made by a company called Homecare Suppliers. I'm not familiar with Homecare Suppliers and I couldn't find this particular bath lift on their website. I did noticed their prices were higher than most other websites for the other bath lifts they are selling.

As you can see from the video, you will need to be able to stand from normal seated position to use a bath lift. If you can't stand up from a regular chair, then the bath lift may not be for you. Also, if you weigh over 250 pounds, you may want to pay close attention to the weight limits on the bath lifts.

Bath lifts will fit and work in almost every "standard" bath tub. However, if you have a very deep bath tub - like one of those newer "soaker tubs" - you should make sure the bath lift will raise up high enough to get as high as your bath tub wall (measure from the bottom of your tub to the top of the side wall). The Drive Bellavita Bath Lift will go to almost 19" tall.

If you have an odd-shaped tub - like a corner Jacuzzi, or a tub-for-two - then the bath lift may not work for you. Bath lifts can be used in these wider tubs, it's just that the one side will be open and the bath lift may sit in the tub at a bit of an angle. However, if you have another tub in your house, you could plan to bathe in that bathroom instead.

One other thing to think about - all of the bath lifts I've seen and tested have a little bit of a 'shake' to them as you get on and off. If this makes you nervous, then you may want to make sure whomever you buy your bath lift from has a return policy. If need to bathe and you're about to make the very large purchase of a walk-in tub, consider the bath lift first. You may just save yourself a few thousand dollars and a few weeks of having contractors running up and down your hallways.

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US Medical is one of my favorite and most trusted websites for large-ticket items like bath lifts, lift chairs, stair lifts and scooters. They are a well-run organization that concentrates on low prices and good service. Click on the link below to learn more about US Medical...

Where US Medical is the place to go for the larger-ticket items, Dr. Leonard's is one of the best websites for those low-priced everyday helpful items that make a big difference in a senior's life. Take a few minutes to browse around on their site. They have tons of innovative items at very reasonble prices. Also, a special thank you to Dr. Leonard's for allowing me to offer visitors FREE SHIPPING when you click on the link below...

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