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Life Station Medical Alarm System

I really like the Lifestation folks as well. They have a very reliable system and their monitoring center meets the high standards of the Underwriters Laboratory ("UL Listed"). If the monitoring center that you are considering is not UL listed, you would be well advised to not consider them as an option.

How does the LifeStation Medical Alarm work?

lifestation life station medical alarm medical alert system

1. Press your Medical Alarm Help Button.
2. The Medical Alarm Base Unit calls the Care Specialists, who are ready to assist you.
3. The Care Specialists determine what kind of help you need and call for help.

Wear your waterproof Help Button at all times. In the event of an at-home emergency, simply press the Help Button and you will be instantly connected to a LifeStation Care Specialist.

The LifeStation Monitoring Center is staffed by trained Care Specialists who stand ready to provide caring, responsive service. When LifeStation receives your alert, your individual response plan is put into action.

When seconds are critical, LifeStation gets you the immediate response you need. We will notify emergency services, friends and family members in whichever order you choose. A LifeStation Care Specialist will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

If you are in need of help or feel uncomfortable:

1. Simply press the waterproof LifeStation® help button that can be worn as a neck pendant, wristwatch or belt clip attachment.
2. Once your help button is pushed, the LifeStation medical alarm console is activated immediately.
3. Within moments, you are connected with a LifeStation Care Specialist at the UL listed monitoring center.
4. Our Care Specialist will attempt to communicate with you through the LifeStation console, which has enhanced speaker and voice equipment built right in.
5. Your LifeStation specialist will assess the situation and get you the assistance you require immediately.

lifestation's medical alarm life station medical alert


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Below are some links to sites that help sponsor These companies have been reviewed by me and I think they offer a geat service for helping you save money by staying out of the nursing homes. If you have any issues with these companies, please email me and I'll remove them from this site. - TJ -

US Medical is one of my favorite and most trusted websites for large-ticket items like bath lifts, lift chairs, stair lifts and scooters. They are a well-run organization that concentrates on low prices and good service. Click on the link below to learn more about US Medical...

Where US Medical is the place to go for the larger-ticket items, Dr. Leonard's is one of the best websites for those low-priced everyday helpful items that make a big difference in a senior's life. Take a few minutes to browse around on their site. They have tons of innovative items at very reasonble prices. Also, a special thank you to Dr. Leonard's for allowing me to offer visitors FREE SHIPPING when you click on the link below...

Dr. Leonard's Free Shipping