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About Walk-In Tubs.

I've sold quite a few walk-in tubs in my day and walk-in tubs are a pretty serious investment. They aren't cheap. The number one reason someone buys a walk-in tub is fear of falling in the bathroom.  (The number two reason someone buys a walk-in tub is because it’s cheaper than 3 months in a nursing home.) 

While Walk-in Tubs are expensive, especially when compared to normal bath tubs, they can help save your family thousands of dollars.  Keep in mind, the average cost of a senior living home is about $3000 per month.  If the cost of the tub plus paying a contractor to install it is less than $6000, then your investment pays for itself in just two months. 


Let’s face it, the older you get, the more dangerous it is to take a shower or bath.  And there are lots of reasons seniors need to buy a walk-in tub. You may get dizzy in the shower, (shower stools, by the way, are an easy-to-pay-for first product, if that’s the case), have had hip replacement surgery, arthritis, knee problems, and the list goes on.  Many of your ailments would benefit from a nice hot bath – especially arthritis sufferers.  The irony is you can’t get in and out of a normal bath tub – or you can get in, but have to get help to get out.  The walk-in tubs are perfect for many of these conditions. 

walk-in tubs can help seniors stay in their homes longer

If you can step over a 6 to 8 inch high obstacle, and get up and sit down in a normal chair while holding onto handrails, then you should look into your walk-in tub options.

If you find that a walk-in tub is beyond your budget, then consider a bath lift. They cost about $500 to $800 and require no installation or bath room remodelling and can be moved from tub to tub easily (great for travelling to see relatives, or for those that like to spend winters and summers in different locations.)

However, many of my senior clients were scared to use their bath lift. Bath lifts will shake and wobble a little as you transfer from the bath tub wall to the chair. Since the chair is usually held to the tub by rubber suction cups, and not bolted to the tub, they will sway as you move on it. If you think that shaking sensation is a little too scary, then get yourself a walk-in tub. Also, if you weigh over 300 pounds, then I would recommend you look into the walk-in tub first.

AmeriGlide Bath Lift at US Medical - $ 499.00

Safely enjoying your bath shouldn't have to cost a lot of money. This was AmeriGlide's motivation when it developed this bath lift model based on its high-end Premium bath lift. It uses a compact frame built with aluminum components and a high-strength, one piece polymer body. What's more, you can install the AmeriGlide Bath Lift in just minutes because it uses suction cup feet. Safety features aren't an afterthought, either, because this lift has the same intelligent controller that the AmeriGlide Premium Bath Lift has.

There are several vendors out there selling walk-in tubs and the prices for any given tub vary dramatically. I always find that the companies that spend tons of money on advertising - like the TV infomercials and the magazine ads and the junk mail pieces - are alway the most expensive. I've also found that you can get the exact same tub from someone else a lot cheaper. See my page on Walk-in Tub Vendors for more info.

There are only a few Walk-in Tub Manufacturers, so the prices are fairly easy to compare. Since a walk-in tub is such a big investment, please do your homework and research all your options. If the company trying to sell you a walk-in tub trys to push a salesperson out to your front door, hang up. I guarantee you'll spend too much for that tub. Always hire your own handyman for the installation. If you don't know of a good handyman, ask any real estate agent for a few referrences. Good real estate agents always know at least two that are trustworthy.

Click here to learn more about Walk-In Tub Installation.

Click here to learn more about the Walk-In Tub Vendors and Distributors.


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Below are some links to sites that help sponsor These companies have been reviewed by me and I think they offer a geat service for helping you save money by staying out of the nursing homes. If you have any issues with these companies, please email me and I'll remove them from this site. - TJ -

US Medical is one of my favorite and most trusted websites for large-ticket items like bath lifts, lift chairs, stair lifts and scooters. They are a well-run organization that concentrates on low prices and good service. Click on the link below to learn more about US Medical...

Where US Medical is the place to go for the larger-ticket items, Dr. Leonard's is one of the best websites for those low-priced everyday helpful items that make a big difference in a senior's life. Take a few minutes to browse around on their site. They have tons of innovative items at very reasonble prices. Also, a special thank you to Dr. Leonard's for allowing me to offer visitors FREE SHIPPING when you click on the link below...

Dr. Leonard's Free Shipping