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About FirstStreet Boomers and Beyond

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know how I feel about companies that advertise too much. They always have something to hide. Usually, it’s inflated prices and poor customer service. FirstStreet is everywhere with their magazine ads. As I don’t really watch all that much TV, so I’ve never seen one of their infomercials, but I’m sure they’re out there too. They claim they’re "for Boomers and Beyond”, but I think they’re really for “making money and beyond”. I’ve had a few clients tell me how much FirstStreet charges for things they found later at half the price. So I’ve done a little research to compare them to Amazon. In only a few minutes, here’s what I found:



First Street Image

First Street Price

Amazon Price

FirstStreet's Slide and Negative Scanner: first street slide and negative scanner $79.95
FirstStreet's Flat Panel Heater first street flat panel heater $129.95  
FirstStreet's Maxi-Comfort Lift Chair first street maxi-comfort lift chair $1,699.00
FirstStreet's Bath Lift first street bath lift $999.00
FirstStreet's Taking Atomic Watch first street seniors talking atomic watch $89.95


You get the picture. I’m not saying FirstStreet is a bad company – I’m just saying it pays to shop around – especially if you’re shopping at FirstStreet.

(It’s like my experience with GEICO car insurance. I thought I had a great rate on car insurance because the little gecko told me he would save me money. So I kept my policy for years. One day, I went to and found 5 insurance companies that were 20-40% less than GEICO and I switched immediately, saving $400 per year. Over 6 years, I wasted $2400 with GEICO. I then learned that GEICO spent close to $1 billion in advertising that year.)

Like I always say – the person that pays for excessive advertising is always the customer.

For more info, here's a FirstStreet RipOff report and their parent company (TechnoBrands) had a little run-in with the FTC. FirstStreet's website is


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Below are some links to sites that help sponsor These companies have been reviewed by me and I think they offer a geat service for helping you save money by staying out of the nursing homes. If you have any issues with these companies, please email me and I'll remove them from this site. - TJ -


If you're looking for Senior Day Care for a loved one, is a good place to start. They pre-screen their providers before putting them in their database. Of course, always thoughly interview and perform background checks yourself when hiring someone to stay in your home. Click on the link below to learn more about

DineWise has a great senior meal service for the senior staying home by themselves. Propoer nutrition is essential to seniors and a service like DineWise is perfect. DineWise has a large selection, they deliver and everything tastes great. Thank you to DineWise for giving visitors the opprtunity to save $20 to $30 plus up to 12 meals free. Click on the link below to learn more...

US Medical is one of my favorite and most trusted websites for large-ticket items like bath lifts, lift chairs, stair lifts and scooters. They are a well-run organization that concentrates on low prices and good service. Click on the link below to learn more about US Medical...

Where US Medical is the place to go for the larger-ticket items, Dr. Leonard's is one of the best websites for those low-priced everyday helpful items that make a big difference in a senior's life. Take a few minutes to browse around on their site. They have tons of innovative items at very reasonble prices. Also, a special thank you to Dr. Leonard's for allowing me to offer visitors FREE SHIPPING when you click on the link below...

Dr. Leonard's Free Shipping

For help in an emergency, with no one around, nothing gives you peace-of-mind like a good Medical Alert System. I have some experience selling this particular service and the team at Medical Alert is one of the best. You carry the Medical Alert pendant with you in your home. When an emergency occurs, you just push the button and the system calls Medical Alert's highly-trained emergency operators. They determine what type of service you need - ambulance, fire, police, or simply one of your neighbors - and contacts them for you. To learn more, click on the link below...

Help at the push of a button with Medical Alert

If you're looking for a great emergency phone for your senior loved one, I highly recommend the Jitterbug Phone. It's simple and easy to understand - exactly what you need in an emergency. To learn more about Jitterbug - the wonderful cell phone that was designed for seniors, click below:

Vision Impaired: Jitterbug J Phone Is EASY TO SEE!